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Meshweb Spiders (Nigma walckenaeri)


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This is a small green spider. Most species in this family are only 2 to 4 mm long. The are also known as Cribellate Spiders or Mesh-webbed Spiders. Many species are attractively coloured and show distinctive patterns on their bodies. They build small, robust webs, usually on leaves and wait under it for their prey. Their prey can be surprisingly large. The females often live with the males for a couple of weeks after mating, only eating the male after he dies. The spider in the picture is a male. The female has a light green thorax. The markings on the abdomen differ clearly from those on the abdomen of other green species. In England, it is a rather local species which can be found in London among other places, particularly in the South and Midlands. Picture taken in Bedford 16th Spetember 2011.

17th Sep 2011 by Diane Earl

Biology, Environmental Science

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Geocode: Bedford

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