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Holly Butterfly (Celastrina argiolus )


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This small very pretty sliver-blue butterfly is widespread throughout Britain and Europe. It inhabits hedgerows, woodlands and gardens, particularly where there is both holly and ivy. It has a few small black spots across its wings and a black border that is more pronounced in females. The undersides of the wings are pale blue. The body is blue and covered in long hairs. The antennae are black with small white stripes along their length. This butterfly appears slightly silvery when in flight. The caterpillar is small and light green. It feeds on holly, ivy and bramble. This species has two broods a year. The first, in the spring, feed on holly and when they become adults and have mated they lay their eggs on ivy plants. The ivy brood overwinter as crysalids and emerge in the spring to mate and lay their eggs on holly. Picture taken 9th August at St Edmunds Abandon church near Wells-next-to-the-Sea, Norfolk

17th Sep 2011 by Diane Earl

Biology, Environmental Science

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Geocode: Wells-next-to-the-Sea

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