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Winston the Boar


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Winston is a pedigree pig of a breed known as Gloucestershire Old Spots. It is one of the oldest spotted pedigree breeds in the world. It is a traditional breed suited to extensive production systems. It’s lack of suitability to intensive systems has made it a rare breed. Old Spots are placid and easily managed - being one of the most laid back of pig breeds. Old Spots are an ideal outdoor breed being tough and hardy. Some of the best tasting pork and bacon comes from Old Spots. It is a large breed, white in colour with a minimum of one distinct black spot. It has lop ears which will almost cover the face of a mature pig. The biggest single factor in the regeneration of the breed has been the increasing awareness of the eating qualities of its produce and the growing niche market as a result. Sows of this breed usually make good and mothers, having many offspring. Winston the boar is quite thin. The farmer is careful that he does not overeat so that he is not too heavy for the sows during breeding. Picture taken at Oak House Farm May 2007.

14th Apr 2007 by Diane Earl

Biology, Geography, Science

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