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Young Bulls


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These young bulls are mostly of a breed known as Red Poll, which is a traditional breed of Norfolk and Suffolk. The breed originated when a Norfolk beef type cow (which fattened easily and was blood red in colour), was crossed with the Suffolk dun coloured polled bull, from an excellent dairy breed. Polled bulls do not have horns. The polled gene in the Suffolk bull suppressed the Norfolk horn gene, so these bulls do not have horns. In 1873 the name Norfolk and Suffolk Red Polled cattle was adopted. The Red Poll Cattle Society was formed in 1888. The colour of the breed was by then established as red, preferably deep red, with white touches only on the tail switch. With its long traditions of both dairy and beef qualities the Red Poll is therefore one of the original native dual purpose breeds. They breed is calm and easy to handle and provides an excellent quality meat in both taste and texture. The animals are usually ready for slaughter at around 22-24 months. At this farm the young bulls are kept together, which is unusual, but here it works well and they show no aggression to each other. Pictures taken at Oak House Farm, Suffolk.

15th Apr 2007 by Diane Earl

Biology, Geography, Science

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