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Market Place- Grantham's Sweet Shop


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This building is the middle one of the block of three in this picture. In 2007 it was a restaurant - a secondary part of the restaurant immediately to its right. It was a Party shop selling balloons and party goods and from 1970 -2002 it was a DIY shop owned by John McGee. He took over from Mr Graham Rhodes who ran a similar shop but from the 1930s it was Mr Alfred Grantham's tobacconist, newsagent, confectioner and tea rooms at the back of the shop. He sold it to Mr Claydon Smith before Mr Rhodes bought it. Mr Claydon Smith also bought Remington's newsagent's shop on the corner and the building in between that was originally Mr Norman's - see picture on Market Place. In Mr Grantham's reign sweets were stored in large jars and the contents weighed for sale. In the war years coupons were needed in order to buy sweets. Coupons were taken to the food office building which is now the doctors' surgery in the Market Place. Then Dr Hudson was the doctor and his surgery was where Palmers' dental surgery was in Mill Street at Clinton House. The large cellar under Mr Grantham's shop was used as an air raid shelter by residents of the Market Place during the war. The Market Place pump supplied water to the residents until 1939. Cigarettes were sold loose in the war years from a large box and cigarette cards were in packets before the war. See the Card Boutique notes re the queue for sweets when rationing finished. Mr David Leonard remembers seeing the first coypu ever caught in this area hung up in Mr Grantham's shop window. It was then taken to Mr Bullock's photography shop where Balmforth's Estate Agency is now and photographed outside on the pavement. See " Mildenhall in Pictures" no. 3 and nos.019,027,028, and 032 from Museum collection.

14th Sep 2007

Citizenship, English, Geography, History

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Foundation, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, Key Stage 4+

newsagent-confectioner-tea rooms- Remingtons- Grantham-coypu- food rationing- surgery- Clinton House-market place- DIY

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