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Hut 1

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The Huts:
The huts were built for specific reasons and when the operation moved to larger buildings the code name followed them.

Hut 1 was the first hut and built in 1939.
Hut 2 was demolished and is now the car park.
Hut 3 was demolished and then rebuilt. It was originally was the Intelligence hut where translation and analysis of Army and Air Force Enigma decrypts took place. It was built beside Hut 6. Hut 3 housed the analysts and Hut 6 housed the personnel who deciphered the results. A wooden tunnel was built between the two huts to push trays of paper between them. Ingenious.
Hut 6 was where the cryptanalysis of the Army and Air Force Enigma took place.
Hut 4 was the Naval intelligence hut where the analysis of Naval Enigma decrypts took place.
Hut 7 was where the cryptanalysis of the Japanese naval codes took place.
Hut 8 was where the cryptanalysis of the Naval Enigma took place. Alan Turing worked out the methods for breaking Naval Enigma here.
Hut 10 was the Meteorological section.
Hut 11 was the first Bombe building.
Hut 14 was the main Teleprinter building.

30th Mar 2008

History, ICT, Mathematics, Science

Key Stages:
Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4

WWII, Station X, Code, Cypher, Enigma, Bombe, Huts

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