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Sloth Bear (Melursus ursinus),


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The Sloth Bear is native to the lowland forests of India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. It is covered in long, shaggy black/auburn fur, with white marking on the snout and chest and a black nose. The snout is long and the front feet are turned inwards, and it has long curved claws that are adapted for digging and climbing. The males weigh 80â140 kg and the females only 55â95 kg. The cubs are usually born in a cave or under large boulders, where they remain for two to three months. They will stay with the mother for around two years and will ride on their mother's back until they are a third of her size. They become independent at the age of 24-36 months. The Sloth Bear primarily eats ants and termites, using its claws to break down the termite mounds then sucking up the insects. It also eats honey, eggs, birds, flowers, tubers, fruits, grains and meat.

Picture taken at Whipsnade Zoo, July 2008.

8th Aug 2008 by Diane Earl


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