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Quobna Ottabah Cugoano - Captured


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Quobna Ottabah Cugoano, in his autobiography, describes being captured in Africa and being enslaved:

Taken - Ottobah Cugoano, Wicked Traffic of Slavery (1787)
With some of the children of my uncle's relations, I was too bold in going into the woods to gather fruit and catch birds... One day several ruffians came upon us suddenly, saying we had wronged their lord, and we must go and answer it before him... Some of us tried in vain to run away, but pistols and cutlasses were soon introduced, threatening, that if we tried to move, we should all lie dead on the spot. One of them pretended to be more friendly than the rest, and said that he would speak to their lord to get us clear, and desired that we should follow him; we were then immediately divided into different parties, and driven after him. We were soon led out of the way which we knew... into slavery.

Thoughts and Sentiments on the Evil and Wicked Traffic of Slavery (1787)

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