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The homepage of the Gallery shows all of the top-level categories. To see the images within a particular category click on its name or the picture. The navigation bar will always show your position in the gallery and allow you to click a category name to return there.

Viewing & Downloading

The images in a category are initially presented as thumbnails (a small version of the image). Underneath each thumbnail are details of the higher quality versions available. The numbers are the width & height of the image in pixels: remember that the larger these numbers the higher the quality of the image but also the larger the file and the longer it will take to display. Click one of these links to immediately download the image at the preferred size.

Clicking on the thumbnail image itself will take you to the medium resolution file (usually approximately 640x480), besides which will be information relating to the image such as the subject matter, the user who submitted the image etc. Clicking on this image will then display the highest quality image available.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All the resources in this Gallery have been provided freely for Educational use only. These ARE NOT copyright free: the copyright in the resource is retained by the resource owner and any commercial use is explicitly excluded.


Only registered users can upload images.

If you are registered then uploading is a simple process:

  1. Make sure you are logged in; click the login button on the top menu bar.
  2. Navigate to the category you wish to upload the image(s) to; note that you may not have permission to upload images to all categories.
  3. When you are inside the required category, click "Add a picture here" from the blue 'logged in' toolbar.
  4. For each image use "Browse..." to select the one you wish to upload; a maximum of 3 images may be uploaded at one time.
  5. Please complete the other details as fully as possible as this will help others find your image. Notice that you can add your image to other categories as well as the one you originally selected. So all the region's teachers can make the best use of the NEN Gallery please complete the subject and key-stage sections as accurately as possible.
  6. IMPORTANT: COPYRIGHT NOTICE. To submit an image to the gallery you must either be the owner of the image or have the permission of the owner to do so. Checking the "I agree" box indicates that you (a) own the resource and (b) agree to it being used freely for educational use or, that you have the permission of the owner to submit it on these terms. However, the copyright holder still retains their copyright in the resource and, in particular, any commercial use is explicitly excluded from the permissions granted. In order to submit the image you must agree this copyright notice.
  7. Click the "Upload" button; this process may take a while depending on the image size. Please be patient and do no re-click the "Upload" button as this will restart the process.
  8. Repeat steps 4-7 for each image you wish to upload.

Note: your images may not appear in the live gallery straight away; some submissions will be subject to approval by NEN Gallery Administrators.

If you wish to add an annotated version of your image, choose Edit Details for the required image, and then choose Annotate Image from the left-hand column. You will be prompted to upload an alternative version which can may contain highlighted features of interest.

Slide Show

While viewing a category which contains images, the slide show feature will be available next to the page number navigation. Click the link to view an automatic cycle of the images available in this category (images from sub-categories will not be included). The slide show toolbar will allow you to tailor the slide show options, such as interval between image transition, and whether the medium or full size images should be displayed.

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