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Red Onions

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Onions grow well in most temperate climates but prefer firm soils and a sunny position. They require frequent irrigation and weed maintenance, as they grow shallowly and compete poorly with other plants. Planting times depends on type. Spring (or salad) onion seeds are sown from the beginning of April to early June The soil should be moist but not wet. Three or four seeds are sown every 15cm and soil replaced over the seeds. The seedlings appear about 20 days later. They are harvested when about 80% of the tops have fallen. Red onions (shown in the picture) are a fresh-market type onion used mainly for decorative purposes and in salads. Pictured in North Bedfordshire August 2005.

21st Aug 2005 by Diane Earl

Biology, Geography, Science

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Foundation, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, Key Stage 4+

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