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Balkerne Gate (looking West) - Colchester

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The Balkerne Gate is an old Roman entrance to the Roman city of Camalodunum (Colchester) The ruins show the typical Roman red brick work. When the wall was built in the first and second centuries AD, there were five main entrances into the town incorporated into it. This one, facing west, Northgate in the north, Eastgate, Headgate and Southgate. A smaller postern gate, known as Duncan's Gate, was situated in the north wall. The other gates were gradually removed as Colchester gave way to the need for greater vehicle access. This view looks west into what was the guardroom.

7th Jan 2006 by Diane Earl

Geography, History

Key Stages:
Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, Key Stage 4+

rome roman colchester camulodunum wall Roman defence soldier centurion legion legionnaire Britain archaeology archaeologist British gate entrance brick

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