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Bison - Neolithic


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At various times before the last glacial period, straight-tusked elephants, aurochs, bison, fallow deer, hippopotamuses, cave lions and hyenas roamed southern Britain and would have been hunted for food. Their habitats were typically deciduous woodlands, largely oak, elm, hazel, lime, birch and alder. But when the ice came back, it was impossibly cold for these animals and their habitats. And during the most recent glacial period, an ice sheet covered most of Britain except the South and parts of the Midlands. Frozen ground extended far into France. In Britain, trees such as birch and juniper had invaded the zone between the ice and the timber line, the so-called tundra zone. We know, though, from fossil remains that polar bears, musk ox, reindeer and mammoths lived at least as far south as the Thames Valley during that ice age. This painting is of a bison, probably one source of food that was hunted. This painting is from the Ibereria, around 7000 B.C.

Source: Wikipedia

5th Aug 2008 by Diane Earl


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