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How to Upload Images

To upload material to the site users must first register themselves. E2BN will then check individual's credentials and eligibility and only then will a username and password be issued.
In order to add material you must first login to the gallery - see the helpsheet entitled ‘How to register and login' if you are unsure.

When adding resources to the gallery, users can carry out a number of actions. They can:

1.Add images to an existing album
2.Create a new album and add images to it

1. Adding assets to an existing album
To add images to an existing album, first find the appropriate album. For instance, a user wishing to add images of Pendle Hill might choose to add them to the album called ‘Landscape & Geology'

To do this, click on that album. This will open the album as below:

Click on the ‘Add a picture here' button which can be found in the toolbar above the albums. This will open the ‘Add a Picture' page. You can add 3 images at a time:

Click on the ‘Browse' button next to File1 and select a suitable image from your computer and then click ‘Open':

You can upload files in ‘.jpg' or ‘.jpeg' formats only.

Add a title in the box below - this text will appear to the right of the image when it appears on the gallery page:

Repeat this part of the process for File 2 and File 3. Then add a ‘General description' - this text will appear to the right of the image when it is viewed on its own page. Tick the relevant subjects in the list below, the Key Stage(s) which it will be most relevant to, and the most relevant end user group(s).

In the ‘Keywords' box add as many relevant keywords as possible. These will be used to help other users locate specific resources when they use the ‘search' tools in the gallery.

Finally, read carefully the ‘Permissible Usage' statement at the bottom of the page and if you agree with the statement tick the box to the left. Then click the ‘Upload file(s)' button.

Your submissions will then be uploaded to the gallery and the text entries will be spell-checked - you will be able to make any alterations to the text if the system detects any words it is unsure of. Whether or not you make any alterations at this point you should click the ‘Save changes' button at the bottom of this page.

Generally your files will then be checked by one of the gallery moderators and when they are happy with the quality, suitability of the images and text entries these will be made live and will appear on the gallery.

2.Create a new album and add assets to it
If there is not an obvious place to house the images you wish to upload then you can create a new album for them.

Whilst you are logged in, and as long as you have the correct permissions set for your particular account, you may be able to create a new album. If this is the case then at the top of the page you will see a button which says ‘Add an album here'

If you click on this button you will be taken to the ‘Album details' page for the new album. You should enter a name for the album and then enter some text for the album description. This text is visible when a user hovers their mouse over it. You can also choose how the images are ordered inside the album, e.g. by date added or alphabetically.

An ‘Album image' can be set once there are some images in the album. At this stage it will have to be left as ‘Default icon'. You can come back later and select an image for the album cover. At the bottom of the page click ‘Save'.

The album has now been created and pictures can be added to it.

To add images to this album, click on it to open it and then follow the instructions as if for adding pictures to an existing album.

Setting an image as the album cover
Once you have uploaded some images into an album you can choose one of them to be the album cover. To do this you will need to be logged in and have the right permissions set. If you are unable to carry out this process you may need to contact the administrators to complete this task on your behalf.

Find the album to which you wish to apply the image as a cover and click on ‘Edit details' at the bottom of the album cover.

In the box which appears click on the drop-down menu for ‘Album Image' which should now contain a list of all the images in the album:

Select the image you wish to use (click the ‘Preview' button if you wish to check the image first) and at the bottom of the page click ‘Save'. If you return to the front cover of the album you should now find that the image you chose is on the cover:

You can, of course, return to the album and change the cover from time to time if you wish.

How to Upload Images

Page updated: 21 Sep 2011
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