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How to Manage Assets

To upload material to the site users must first register themselves. E2BN will then check individual's credentials and eligibility and only then will a username and password be issued.
In order to add material you must first login to the gallery - see the helpsheet entitled ‘How to register and login' if you are unsure.

You will also need to be logged in to the gallery to be able to manage assets in the gallery. Managing assets means being able to move images from one album to another, being able to make second and subsequent copies of items and place them in other albums, being able to delete images and annotate images (see separate helpsheet for details about this feature).

Please note that not all users have access to these tools and that some users have access to these features in certain albums only.

When you view an image thumbnail you will see that at the bottom of its panel there is an ‘Edit Details' button. By clicking this button a user can access a set of tools to manage assets, as well as being able to edit the image details such as image description, subject relevance and so on.

If you wish to change any of the image details, alter the selections as required and then click ‘Save' at the bottom of the page.

Moving an Image
It is possible, after an item has been uploaded to the gallery, to move it to a different album. For instance, to move the image above to another album, go to the ‘Functions' area on the left of the screen and click on ‘Move Image'.

You should then see the following window:

You will need to scroll down the list (it is a long list) to find the album you wish to me the image to. When you have found it, click the button next to its name, go to the bottom of the page and click the ‘Move' button.

The image will have been moved to its new location.

Copying an Image
Images, video and audio clips can be copied to other albums so that the original image remains in the album to which it was uploaded but further copies appear in other albums as well.

To copy an image to another album, click on ‘Copy Image' in the ‘Functions' area - you will see the following page:

Scroll down the list and tick as many albums as you wish to copy the image to and then go to the bottom of the page and click the ‘Copy' button.

The item will now have been copied to the albums you selected.

Deleting an Image
You can also delete images by using the tool in the ‘Functions' area. To delete an image, click on ‘Delete Image' you will be asked to confirm that you really do wish to delete this image.

Please note that there is no undo - once you click ‘Delete' you cannot undo this action

How to Manage Assets

Page updated: 21 Sep 2011
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