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The 'Gayer-Anderson' Cat

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This Egyptian bronze is from the Late Period about 664-332 BC. It is a representation of the cat-goddess Bastet and was placed as an offering by a wealthy official, possibly at Buastis in the north-east Nile Delta. Catacombs beneath the site have yielded hundreds of mummified cats. The cat wears jewellery and a protective wedjat amulet. A winged scarab appears on the chest and head. This cat is the most famous part of a collection of oriental art assembled by Robert Gayer-Anderson.(1881-1945). Picture taken at the British Museum January 2007.

28th Jan 2007 by Diane Earl

Art and Design, History, Religious Education

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Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, Key Stage 4+

cat religion goddess Egyptian worship mummy catacomb offering

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