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How to use my albums feature

To upload material to the site users must first register themselves. E2BN will then check individual's credentials and eligibility and only then will a username and password be issued.
In order to add material you must first login to the gallery - see the helpsheet entitled ‘How to register and login' if you are unsure.

You will also need to be logged in to the gallery to use the ‘My Albums' feature. This tool allows you to save individual images, video clips, audio clips and even whole albums to your favourites. This means that as you browse through the gallery and spot images and clips which might be useful in future projects you could save them to ‘My Albums' until you need them.
Users could set up a whole series of topic albums for their teaching programme and content to them as they come across it.

To add content to ‘My Albums' follow the instructions below:

1.Browse through the gallery until you locate an image or clip you wish to bookmark for use later.

Below the thumbnail image and next to the word ‘Image' you will see a small heart-shaped icon. Clicking on this will take you to a new page where you ca either chose to add the item to an existing album in ‘My Albums' or you ca create a new one, as below:

When you either put a tick against an existing album or create a new album and then click ‘Save' the image you selected is added to that collection in your ‘My Albums' collection.

If you click on the ‘My Albums' tab at the top of the page this will open your collection of albums and images, as below:

You can have as many albums in ‘My Albums' as you wish and each can contain as many items as you require. They can contain a mixture of images, video clips and audio clips.

Removing items from your albums
Care should be taken when removing items from your ‘My Albums' collection. Simply clicking on the ‘Delete' button at the bottom of the image will delete it completely from the gallery. A warning message will appear before you can do this:

You should click 'Cancel' if you see this message.

To delete an item from your ‘My Albums' collection, go into ‘My Albums', find the item you wish to remove and click it's heart icon. This will bring up the following window:

Remove the tick from the associated album and click ‘Save'. The item has now been removed from that collection but not from the gallery as a whole.

How to use my albums feature

Page updated: 21 Sep 2011
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